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Tharushanaa S.
Consultant – Business Development & Marketing, Practus Advisors


True story. Middle-aged finance professional Marsha in the USA quit her fancy executive job and decided to create a new story of her own. She wanted to put her financial prowess to good use and educate and empower people on their financial abilities, without all the stress and seriousness. At the same time, she wanted to reach out to all the wonderful people around her without having to wait around for them to walk in to her work station. So, she didn’t plan for that standard office with the dull walls and moody furniture. She thought long and hard with all her finance smarts and bought an old school bus.

A school bus!

A school bus, with it’s school and learning vibes felt so ideal to Marsha to start her financial advisory business in a very cohesive environment where people could relax while gaining knowledge. An old bus, some renovation and designing works set her back a little more than USD 20K, but it took her to universities, institutions, various shelters and such organizations where people were deprived of reasonably priced education on finance and the matters. By the end of the first year of business, at around USD 200 an hour for a session, Marsha saw success – growing rapidly famous through features in the media and by the people that benefitted from her.

How versatile and flexible is this, financial expertise and advice can be so easily accessible to anyone. All it takes is a dash of creativity and innovation.