Deepak Narayan, Director - Wealthtree Advisors Private Limited

Deepak Narayanan (Deepak) is qualified Chartered Accountant and has over 14 years of work experience. He spearheads the MyCFO business line (, India's largest and fastest growing CFO services brand. As a member of the firm’s management committee, Deepak specializes in assisting clients with their India entry strategy, benchmarking of business processes, creating frameworks for performance measurement, implementation of IT systems and Standard Operating Procedures, improving decision support systems design and development of Management Information Systems. In addition to his other responsibilities at Wealthtree, Deepak leads Strategy, Business Development at MyCFO and has been at the forefront in popularizing the concept of ‘CFO services’ in India and in the concept gaining widespread acceptance amongst CEO’s, Promoters, investors, CFO’s, media amongst others.

Prior to Wealthtree, Deepak worked with Deloitte and Ernst & Young in both Bangalore and Mumbai. He has handled a variety of assignments with leading multinational and Indian clients including Aventis, Syngenta, Dynamix Dairy, St. Jude Medical, Western Union, Indigo Lever (Part of Unilever Limited), Modern Foods, Associated Cement Companies (ACC), Indian Tobacco Company (ITC), K.S.B Pumps Limited, Titan Industries Limited and LG Soft India. Deepak is a blogger, contributes articles on a regular basis to leading publications, part of NEN as a mentor, well read, enjoys traveling, watching sport and meeting new people.