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Active Hands-On Approach

We do not provide “reports” or approach client problems with a consulting or advisory mindset. We are an implementation focused firm.


Access to over 1,000 templates, tools and best practices organized by Practus’ proprietary 120*18™ skill matrix and industry verticals

Build-Operate-Transfer’ Model

We design the solutions, Build it, Operate it and eventually Transfer it (BOT) to your team. This ensures co-creation of solutions, timely buy in from client teams and strong credibility

Measurable Impact on Business Matrices

We measure our impact through tangible improvement in revenue, profits, cashflow and valuations

On-site delivery

All our work is delivered in and from your office. We like to work “shoulder to shoulder” with our clients

White Labelled Solutions

Our work is carried out as an ‘insider’ in your company. We believe that change is best accepted when seen as driven from within

Fixed Fee Model

Practus provides full upfront visibility on the absolute value of our fees. Practus underwrites the time risk

Clear ROI on fees

Measurable payback on our fees is demonstrated on a quarterly basis through Practus’ proprietary WNB™ model